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A taste of Jail (Part 3, Sweet Redemption)


At the break of dawn, the Lord said, “Let there be light!” and there was light. The first rays ran through the tiny square window. The cell had new comrades who joined us in the odd hours of the night. We were quite the number. Everyone in there had a story. It didn’t matter. “I’m innocent,” that’s what we all say. Well, some of us are, like me. Who cares? Same old, same old. Continue reading “A taste of Jail (Part 3, Sweet Redemption)”


A Taste of Jail (Part 2,Cold Darkness)

1Jail was now bound to be our best friend by default. Even if it was not meant to last forever, it’s always ready to welcome mates any time of the hour. At the “reception” of Central Police, we were told to make our last calls and cry for help. If not the case, we were to stay there till Monday. My mind flipped, totally! That meant we had to stay there for two days and three nights. I mean! Who would enjoy that, but I was not worried about who was to get me out of there, I was worried about the fact that my family would be worried for they would have not heard from me in that period of time. Which would raise questions. You guy! My Dad is the Crazy type, Continue reading “A Taste of Jail (Part 2,Cold Darkness)”

A Taste of Jail (Part 1, Exodus)


If a guy tells you “by the way jana nililala cell” (I slept in jail yesterday), You’ll go like ” “Aaaaah! Buda izah, its part of life” or something of a sort. What if a lady you never expected told you the same??? The first thing that will ring in your mind will be How? What happened? Are you okay? Which police station?

Sasa wacha niwaambie, (let me tell you) akiangaa! nililala cell, like a month ago, lemme tell you my story and don’t laugh.

It was on a Friday, me and my gang went clubbing in Karen, we were partly working in the same club on that day. We were hyped and happy that Continue reading “A Taste of Jail (Part 1, Exodus)”

Get Acquainted


Sometimes all we need is to absorb the energy that surrounds us, I mean the environment & the type of “clique” we hang with, the usual and unusual day to day activities…”you know what i mean”. All this doesn’t mean you know someone too well. Things happen and you come to realize that people are not who they say they really are. (I know the feeling), sucks right!

Happiness is what you make it. Life choices, the bitter sweet of living with angels and demons to find your strengths and weaknesses. Anyway, time to get acquainted and so should you.

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